A blog is like a wrapped present…

Hello, hello and thank you so much for all the support you have given me! I am so happy I decided to FINALLY START MY BLOG. I will admit it was a bit nerve-wracking because I had no idea what to write. And now I feel like I just want to write about everything!unnamed

I am so happy you all really enjoyed my first post but I guess it was kind of a teaser and it is awful of me for having posted it. I created this blog as a place for advice, some how-to’s, street style, some lookbooks, makeup reviews, and of course travel. Just really this is a place for everything that I am passionate about! So I am SORRY for having written “Finding your place” so soon because I will not really be writing heartfelt things as often – it just so happened that I was very inspired and I decided to write it. Of course I will write more about advice and how to find your own inner happiness but I am not an expert because I, myself, am still trying to find my own happiness. So I am learning just like the rest of you.

I hope you all have found a nice place to land when that 7:45 homework is annoying you or your lunch break is a little too boring that day – I also hope that you have found someone to talk to, someone to share fashion tips and ideas with, maybe an “older sister” figure to help you out with your troubles or even an online “best friend” that you can share your day with if something exciting happens.

Now, on to the la mode. Thank you for stopping by loves!

XO Lina 

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