Live, Love, Lost

The role of a student is a selfish one. Striving for perfection, greatness and uniqueness. Many of those who apply have a vague idea of what they wish to do for life after college.


Life in the real world. Students at this age are so caught up and twisted into a web of ideas that are not their own and feelings that they are embarrassed to be having. They do not stop for a moment to look and feel and understand what is going on around them. They do not live. Living is the idea of using all of the time that you are given to do greatness. However, how does greatness translate to others. The greatness of an individual might be considered to be mediocre for some. To others a greatness might be considered too large and it might frighten them. To live is to experience. Be in a place that is strange to you, get lost without a map and try to find your way home. Sit on the rocks above the tide in Wales and understand how insignificant and how significant you are. Understand the pain that is occurring all over the world; some documented and some assumed. The ability to understand how one is suffering while another has utter happiness is a complex issue. This issue relies on the fact that one must be in peace with himself, understand that they can alter the world however much they like. Avoid comparing your greatness to someone else’s. You collected books to help fight illiteracy, but someone else went to volunteer in africa. Making a difference is not about comparison. It is about helping those who need help.

Moral of this post: Live. Get Lost. Help Others. 

I am sorry once again to bring up the whole “do not compare yourself to others” kind of thing. But it’s December and December is one of the months where everyone is comparing. YOU ARE YOU.

Don’t you understand how bright you shine? ~

Xo Lina

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