Blue Boots, White City

Hello hello all!DSC_0046

As you may or may not have heard Boston has experienced quite a bit of snow fall – 72 inches. White, fluffy stuff is surrounding the city. I mean winter is nice and everything…and snow can be kinda pretty and hide all the dirty sidewalks and “urban” dumpsters that everybody loves so much. But as soon as it goes lower than 20 degrees…comfy jeans, ginormous sweaters, and lazy beauty regimes are my definitely go-tos. So while this awesome snow storm happened, I stumbled across a pair of gorgeous Sapphire blue over-the-knee by Franco Sarto. These boots man. I have found love. And the best part…they were on sale and the LAST in my size (yay for having sample size feet!) These could very easily be considered the “dupes”, or duplicates, of the famously coveted Stuart Weitzman “Lowland” boots…Gisele is the cover girl for these, just saying. I have never really considered buying boots that were not black, black goes with everything, they’re so easy to clean, they have a certain je ne sais quoi of minimalist and chic fashion.And then suddenly it just clicked – I would wear it WITH EVERYTHING.

My cure to all black all day! The answer to my new year’s resolution. It would become part of a definition of me. (sorry, I just reread Confessions of a Shopaholic…Rebecca Bloomwood is my spirit animal.)



Making look books are always fun…especially since my sister is such a good sport and we always have so much fun doing it. She would tell you otherwise.DSC_0050

Have a wonderful day my sunshines!

Bonne journée mes soleils!

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