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DSC_0233Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good day! As some of you may or may not know, I live and go to university in Boston. Boston is an amazing city easy to navigate and it attracts millennials from all parts of the globe. France, Germany, Italy, Brazil and parts of Asia..and so many more.  By going int a simple coffee shop or even riding the train you are able to identify all the different cultures around you. Eve with all the different languages and world views…one thing remains constant with College student coffee addiction. Sorry, a bit of a weird transition. All around the world you can see how much of an impact coffee has made – a new market that everyone can be a part of. Although coffee could be considered unhealthy (I mean if you bathe in it, consume it every twenty minutes and wash your hair with it…it could seem a little unhealthy)


So today I decided to make a little coffee series about the coziest places in Boston to stop and sip. These are my top three and are close to really well-known T stops and tourist attractions.

  • L.A Burdick – 220 Clarendon Street, Boston MA

Oh. My. Goodness. Not only is this a hidden treasure right on Newbury Street…but their cappuccino and chocolat chaud? *Insert hands up emoji here* Unreal how amazing this is. The atmosphere is super casual and when you’re shopping around and ordering from their selection they have baskets full of all natural soaps, coffees, chocolates and even hair brushes (weird I know right? BUT THIS COFFEE) Alright lemme tell you about this hot chocolate. If any of you wonderful readers live in France or have visited France…you will know that their hot chocolate is amazing. Because unlike all of these coffee chains, they do not use powder…they melt the chocolate bar right in front of you into the cup. Add some milk and voilá. Because of how concentrated and chocolate-y the taste is some people don’t really like it and opt for a cappuccino or espresso. Not me. Hot chocolate runs in my veins. But anyway, moral of the story – this place makes it, and they don’t mess around. So a coffee shop with all natural soaps and perfumes and amazing pastries AND amazing hot chocolate and coffee…okay cool. hotchocolate

  • Flour Bakery + Cafe – 131 Clarendon Street, Boston MA

This little cafe is tucked away behind Stuart/Bolyston street and right next to the Back Bay Station. Everyone there is so friendly all the time and they have the cutest uniform that has a bandana and an apron. The food. The. Food. Is incredible. Anything from a Croque Monsieur to a simple danish is here and they’re made with the healthiest ingredients. They also offer really healthy alternatives like whole wheat bagels, a bunch of gluten free stuff (I mean if you’re into that) and healthy juices. I am a cappuchino addict so thats always what I opt for…and these ones are amazing, they always finish the top of it with the famous coffee heart that everyone loves… and loves to instagram. And they offer RAW SUGAR! Yes! So that’s always a nice choice to add to coffee since its all 100% natural (as natural as cane sugar can be) Its amazing in the summer since there’s a little park right outside the window. The seating is informal and urban “cafeteria” style. I mostly like it because it has an egg in it’s logo.


  • Caffe Bene – 333 Massachusetts Ave, Boston MA

Originally from Korea, this coffee shop is a new favorite to college kids around Boston. It’s right near the Symphony T stop, just a short walk from the MFA and Berklee and BU is around the corner. Best thing about this place? In their coffee they make a cat design…isn’t that so freaking cute? And the sleeve is tiffany blue so when you coffee walk with your cap or espresso then everybody is like “Oooh, I wonder where you got that coffee sleeve from.” AND. They make Green Tea Frappe. You’re welcome. Finally, a place other than Starbucks that actually knows how to make green tea frappes! This place always makes amazing macarons, all shapes and colors – and they make the most amazing korean desserts like Red bean and Strawberry Bingsu. Caffe Bene also serves gelato of over 10 different flavors – green tea is my fave, makes it taste healthier than what it actually is and I don’t feel as guilty. Ten out of ten for Caffe Bene!caffee

  • Thinking Cup – 85 Newbury Street, Boston MA

Thinking Cup is probably the cutest and coziest coffee shop I have ever been in. Any type of coffee you want they have – Vanilla, hazelnut, Americano, Cappuchino, Espresso…literally anything. And of course they make that heart that everybody loves. Super laid back and down to earth atmosphere, only thing though…avoid the area from hours 3 to 5 that’s when it’s the busiest and you’ll have to wait at least half an hour before you find a seat! They have awesome parfaits and macarons, all homemade of course. Definitely one of Back Bay’s hidden treasures, it’s right across from H&M so that’s an excuse to go shopping I guess.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetSo there ya go…all the best Bean town hipster coffee shops. I hope you all have an awesome rest of the week!

xo Lina

(P.S I am going to Teen Vogue Fashion University! If you guys want me to write an article about that or want me to ask certain questions at the seminar let me know or comment down below!)

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