Essence of Red

Hello my little Chicklets (I’m trying out new pet names for you all…this one might be a tad weird…)reddness

I hope where ever you are that spring has finally arrived! I know in New York City it snowed today but today in Boston it was 43 degrees! FINALLY. (New England Warmth) I mean I kind of like this awkward stage of Winter to Spring, it’s kind of like the American Version of that awkward 12-year-old stage to normalness. At least its chilly enough to wear black tights (which are my faveeee) and combat boots (also my fave). I apologize if these tones of red are a little too Autumn-y but I think that colors are for every season, it’s not fun to just restrict them to a certain season – we should invite every color to party with us and our wardrobe all year.

So a really lovely, warm day in March my BFF Jackie-O and I decide to walk over to Boston’s beautiful Financial District. To those not from Boston, this is the place that actually looks like a city and not like you just stepped back to the Revolutionary War.

I love this new trend, well I guess it’s not really “new” but starting to gain more popularity. Matching scarves to bags has always been a very useful technique – the go to outfit in a lazy fashion girl’s life. I chose to use black as my “starting” color but as Spring approaches and summer too I think I’ll swap out the black for something more fun like yellow or pink. White is the easiest to use as a base because (as we all know) everything matches with white. If you didn’t know that, I apologize and now you know and now I have bettered your life and now you owe me.

Some spring colors that are really on trend right now are beige, grey, blush, cobalt, emerald, khaki, and yellow.

Can’t wait to see all of your outfits – make me proud!


Looking trés seriouse as I walk down the sidewalk

Clearly Jackie-O makes me feel uncomfortable…

redness4Is any photo shoot really complete without the standard holding-hair-while-looking-down model pose?detailsred

Details details 

Bag: Chanel Boy bag in Mini (found in Chanel boutiques), Skirt: Nasty Gal,  Scarf: BCBGeneration (discontinued but I found an alternative here ), Boots: Chanel Quilted Combat Boots (found in Chanel Boutiques)

Thanks for reading guys! Please leave your questions and comments below or email me privately 🙂

And check out Jackie’s cargo page! She’s super talented!

Have an awesome rest of the day

xo Lina

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