Travel Diary: London

The pulse of London is something very unique to the world – the only one of its kind. London, the only place where the universal language as the primary language paired along side with the birth of history. I love London, London holds many wonderful memories for my family and I. The first place we adventured to abroad.

This place just blows my mind. Imagine it, a place where someone walked ages and ages ago. During Shakespeare’s time, the World Wars, when John Lennon was killed, all the royal marriages – someone exactly like you, as human as you, has walked where you are walking. Stepping on history, stepping where someone with a completely different perspective of the world has been. This city keeps the beat of their age old song, tradition. You could walk by a building that is 200 years old and right next to it is a new cafe that opened just the other week. London. A place of inspiration. A place where the past has come to hold the hand of the present and has said:

“Follow me, I will show you my mistakes so that you are brighter than I.”

(PS – street style here SLAYED)

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

all photos taken from // london photos taken by me

Hope everyone is having an awesome week, currently I am at The New School in NYC (living the dream) taking a Fashion Design Communication class. I love it here, the vibe, the beat of the city. I adore it. I’ll write more about it next week.

xo Lina

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