Coquette, coquette

I love clothes.

I hate appearances.

The one thing you are not able to control – and people will judge you on it.

I love feeling, every single type.

Love, sadness, anger, sympathy. They are all there to teach you something regardless you want it or not. But anyway – back to clothes. Clothes make me feel whatever I want them to make me feel. Clothes are the costumes for the day, who you want to be. Today I chose to be uber feminine. My costume for the day – an elite in another life. I smiled to everyone and was especially kind, the things that the color pink does to you…

DSC_0530 Oh Chanel, my saviour

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3
What I’m wearing: Chanel Shoes – Chanel boutiques, Zara tuxedo shorts, Crisscross back blouse, Vintage Prada belt worn as a necklace, Rayban sunglasses, Zara bag

What Jackie’s wearing: Zara knit tank, Chanel espadrilles, Rebecca Minkoff bag, white jeans from Zara.


I made a Soundcloud playlist for summer and poolside living 🙂 LINK BELOW! xx

When you wear a belt as a necklace and don't have your life together...
When you wear a belt as a necklace and don’t have your life together…


All photos found on rose-ettes.tumblr

carpe diem


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