L.A Story

 Hello everybody, I went to California this past week and it was my first time there. Everything fullfilled expectation. Flashy cars, the palm trees that tower over the city, and the blending of colors from ocean to sky. As soon as I stepped off the plane I felt everything slow down a little (mostly because of traffic), the California lifestyle is real thing. If you want to feel extra small though, make sure to go visit Santa Monica Pier and listen to ONE SONG that makes you feel like you can soar. Just stand and look around and take in all the energy/vibes (whatever kind of person you are) and just exist. The way the horizon blends into a smooth line, where you can no longer see the difference between the sea and the ocean – truly magical. Also I had like the best salade ever. And I saw Rod Stewart.

Okay bye. xox Melina

A 3-story Barnes and Nobles.... (Heaven.)
A 3-story Barnes and Nobles…. (Heaven.)
Rooftop dreamin'
Rooftop dreamin’
Cool doors
Cool doors

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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