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Oh curse you instagram. With your lovely filters and intriguing trending tags…it really is hard remembering that you are purely for looks and you’re fake. But the one thing that does draw me to you…. travel. Seeing the world through someone else’s lense. How they represent the earth. How they represent their own little universe. And they all seem to have the same hashtag – #Wanderlust. That’s the brightside; it brings everyone together and shares corners of the world.

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Top of the Met, NYC
Top of the Met, NYC

Wanderlust isn’t just for the hashtag and the lovely idea of the world. This newest craze has been effecting all types of humans all over the world. Whether it makes people dream and imagine where they could be. Whether it upsets the people who do not have the funds or the heart to be away from home for such a long time. Either way – an obsession with Wanderlust is unhealthy. (That’s the downside) Imagining that a new place, a new culture, a new perspective could automatically change you and be the answer to your problems. It is unhealthy and unreasonable. Like much that happens on our planet, change can only occur if someone is willing. Darling Magazine (probably the best magazine in the entire world) wrote an article in June as part of their “Wanderlust” Issue of the month:

“It can come quick and fast, causing you to fall hard. It’s easy to feed, but near impossible to quench. To be stricken with wanderlust is to desire what you don’t know. Culture. Language.”

Here’s the link for their article. It’s really a great read that makes you think of things that are cool and universal.

Festival Montgolfière, Gatineau, Quebec CA
Festival Montgolfière, Gatineau, Quebec CA

On the bright side – altering your perspective can easily be done with willingness. Willing to observe, not do (crazy concept, I know) Observing the locals, the hustle and bustle of the location (or lack thereof).  The change and mindset is inside you. All you need is a little bit of a push. Wanderlust and travel can make the planet feel smaller, the people more connected, and the realization of a greater purpose. Selflessness, if you will. The main point of traveling is to experience new things. Sure telling stories to your friends about what you saw, what you ate, how the weather was, is a great thing to do and is fun. But it’s not really the ideal mentality to venture out with. Traveling is supposed to be humbling. A way to focus less on yourself and your “domestic” problems but a way to be more in touch with the world. To touch souls much like yours. A way to conquer your fears.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

Story time: We were wandering in Ireland, by the sea, on a quest to find Enya’s Castle. Slowly but surely, stopping for drinks every few minutes, but we were trudging on. Finally we arrived to a neighborhood full of exquisite homes. Then we started pretending and talking about the lives that maybe lived in every house. A family, a bachelor, a crazy man, and the list goes on. After we found a little path through the bushes. Obviously a detour. So we started walking down a path full of flowers (you know, with elves, fairies and sprites jumping out), crossed over a foot bridge over a railroad…and then we found it. The most beautiful sight of all. The perfect end to the trip. And this is where we found ourselves. Or at least I did, the other people were guys so…you know they were probably thinking of other things. BUT FOR GIRLS, especially myself, I FORCE MYSELF TO FIND THE DEEPNESS AND THE MESSAGE BEHIND EVERYTHING. So, my message was “the seal heals everything.”

Wanderlust does not have to happen in a five star hotel half way across the world. Even better – an excuse to be a tourist in your own town. Learn your history, eat at your local cafes, chat with people you’ve never met but pass by the same things as you do everyday. Day trips can have a huge impact on your perspective and can fill that cultural and worldly hole that perhaps needs filling.

So I know that everyone wants to be cool – who doesn’t? So lets take this Melina Advice carefully because I just want the best for you all. Traveling is super bomb and the feeling of being immersed in culture that is incredibly different from your own is so magical. There’s no amazing way to express the emotion overload when you see something so beautiful and so life changing. Or meeting someone that can change your life. It’s different for everyone. Maybe meeting a kind stranger in London that gives you the low down of the city is what you need. Or maybe finding a lovely cafe next to the sea with teapotlight fixtures is your cup of tea! So come on now, let’s treat this world like an untold secret, a secret that needs to be shared carefully and slowly. After all, we’re all human.

Malibu, Pacific Highway, CA, USA
Malibu, Pacific Highway, CA, USA

Just sit with it. You’ll get it. Live for the experiences – good or bad. 

 Do you want to travel solely so people think you’re cool and interesting, or do you desire to learn first-hand about the world and better relate to the diversity you encounter there? 

-Darling Magazine

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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