Electric Feel

unnamedSmall talk is one of the most evil things. There’s nothing I hate more – meaningless chitchat, wasting time when you could be talking about something so much deeper and intellectual. Damn society and it’s rules! I don’t care about the weather, I don’t care about your weekend at the lake or even about your car ride here – tell me about your dad, do you miss him? Tell me about your dreams, do they scare you? Tell me, tell me, if you could go anywhere right at this very moment, any moment or time, what would you choose? Where would you want to waste time? So next time that we met, please angel, do not tell me about the weather – tell me about your heart.


 happy friendsyayyyhur
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Top: Nasty Gal / Origami Skirt: Zara / Slip Ons: Dolce Vita / Jean Jacket: Ralph Lauren / Purse: Philip Lim 
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Fashion people are definitely the most fun…


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