Soldat de Style

Working at my new job, Kit and Ace, I meet so many souls. People from all over the world, all over the country, all over the town. Each searching for something different, in the store and in life as well. So many souls, so many different backgrounds and cultures.

But while helping them in their search I find myself asking the same questions. Who are you? Where are you from? What are you searching for? I wish I could ask the questions that I really do care about  – what do you think about on the car ride home? What candle does your house smell like? How does your home feel during a rainy day? Have you found your purpose?  I constantly search for social interaction, how to imagine life as someone else.

We’re all connected. The Earth seems so small.

A bit of a new format – click on the photo to make it larger 🙂 xx

Top: ASOS / Ripped Jeans: H&M / Boots: Zara / Bag: Chanel / Backpack: Wolfepack by deWolfe designs /


Carpe Diem

xo Lina


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