(I am here) (I am doing fine.)

Melina’s Tips:

Just wait for it.

Wait for this minute.  Wait this second. This hour. This day.

This moment.


Oh, my darling. Your life began yesterday, just like mine did. Since I’ve realized my life has begun I’ve done everything.

  • Spent time with those I love
  • Explored my city
  • Pondered art
  • Read books
  • Drank Italian coffee
  • Went to an outdoor bookstore
  • I went to the ocean

Because you see, my angel, you cannot wait for parades of life, you must celebrate every little victory.

Coffee shops with comfortable chairs and marble tables. A space on that bench in the park with the breathtaking view of the skyline. Bakeries with croissants the size of your head. When you’re walking to class and the sun glows through the clouds and warms your soul. Life is too short to not appreciate what is at your fingertips.  Make use of your surroundings, make use of your health and your relationships. Do not live for the weekend and say “wait until Friday…”

I will be happy and I will live. Because soon later will become today and yesterday would have been your last chance.

If I can transfer the pain I have lived through into something positive – a tip, a lesson, a story, that someone else could take in and understand…then it would have almost been worth it. Stay strong.


Carpe diem

xx Lina


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